Child psychotherapist wanted for practice at Wandsbeker school


Our “HonigHelden” project enables children with a refugee background to receive psychotherapy at school at several locations in Hamburg. A new location is planned at ReBBZ Wandsbek-Nord, at Wildschwanbrook 9 in Wandsbek. We are looking for a child and adolescent psychotherapist who would like to open a practice or a branch practice there. The foundation would support the practice by covering certain costs, arranging interpreters and clarifying non-therapeutic issues such as housing issues and communication with authorities.


The “HonigHelden” project is a cooperation between our foundation and the Hamburg school authorities. In order to talk about the realization of further locations, Stefanie Graf visited the KV Hamburg in June together with representatives of the foundation and the school authorities.


If you are interested in a practice in the Wandsbeker school, please contact:

Children for Tomorrow wins first place at the Hamburg Foundation Prize!


Children for Tomorrow wins first place at the Hamburg Foundation Prize!

Our “HonigHelden” project was awarded first place at the Hamburg Foundation Prize yesterday evening in the town hall! The foundation award is endowed with 10,000 euros. First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher and Justice Senator Anna Gallina praised the innovative idea of ​​the project:

First Mayor Dr. Peter Tschentscher: “Children for Tomorrow supports elementary school children with traumatic flight experiences. The foundation gives them support for a good start in a new life. I would like to thank you very much for this important commitment and I congratulate Children for Tomorrow on the Hamburg Foundation Prize 2021. “

Justice Senator Anna Gallina: “Children and young people had and still have a particularly difficult time during the corona pandemic. The Board of Trustees therefore selected three foundations this year, each with a different focus on the younger and the youngest. Children for Tomorrow takes care of the most vulnerable in our society: traumatized children who would otherwise be excluded from help. This is a successful example of practical and sustainable idealistic volunteering.”

In our project we offer primary school children, who are traumatized by war and flight, psychotherapy on site in schools. The help offered at  school can reach children who would otherwise fall through the supply network. Parents and teachers are also involved in the therapy process. We would like to expand with the project in the future and achieve cooperation with resident psychotherapists throughout the city.


Opening HonigHelden! Branch practice in Wilhelmsburg


CfT opens the first branch practice at a school location in cooperation with a child and adolescent psychotherapist!

In September we will open the first branch practice at a school location! At the ReBBZ-Office in Hamburg-Wilhemsburg the child and adolescent psychotherapist Anna Hermes offers four individual therapy places for children on Monday mornings.

With the help on site in the Wilhelmsburg district, Children for Tomorrow, in cooperation with Anna Hermes, create easier access to a therapy place for mentally distressed children and thus enable their symptoms to be treated at an early stage.

Psychological and Creative consultation

01.04.2020 Psychological and Creative consultation

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic and associated school closings, a completely new situation is emerging for children, parents and teachers. Many new questions, uncertainties and fears arise. People woh work from home often have to simultaneously take care of their children, which requires a lot of (internal and external) structure and can lead to conflict and even violence for some families.

Therefore, the HonigHelden team offers in cooperation with the authority for schools and vocational training,  a psychological consultation and a creative consultation by phone and video chat.
Our services are aimed at children, parents and teachers, as well es employees of the authority. Our interpreters are available for refugee families as needed.

Psychological consultation hours: Monday – Friday: 10:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. and by appointment

Cordula Münstermann, child and adolescent psychotherapist, behavioral therapist
Phone: 0151-59964035

Carina Kronberger, child and adolescent psychotherapist, behavioral therapist
Phone: 0176-95635744


Creative consultation hours (phone/videochat): Monday – Friday: 10:00 a.m. – 11: 00 a.m. and by appointment

Elena Kazarnovskaya, dance and movement therapist
Telefon: 0176-51831367

Katherine Tucker, art therapist
Telefon: 01520-3653858

Art-therapy project at blacklight-theater “MOTTE”

During the holidays (from the 07th to the 11th of october), there was an art-therapy project for children of HonigHelden! in cooperation with the blacklight-theater of „MOTTE – Verein für stadtteilbezogene Kultur- und Sozialarbeit e.V.“ in Hamburg/Ottensen. Six children were making their own puppets, learned how to deal with blacklight – and with each other and developed a sense of themselfes as well as for the group-dynamics, so they got a feeling of a save environment. There was a lot of laughter, games, and space for trying something new. In the end, they made a show for their parents and friends. There were much more people in the audience than they expected and the applause and shouts of joy didn´s seem to end. I was so very touched by all the sympathy and the enthusiasm that came from the audience towards the children and their show.


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Impressions from the open house in the refugee ambulance

Under the slogan „We stay. In movement.“the refugee outpatient clinic for children and adolescents at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) opened its doors last week. In an exhibition, many theme rooms, promotions and lectures interested visitors could gain an insight into the outpatient therapeutic work of the refugee outpatient clinic.

Among the guests: Dr. Melanie Leonhard, senator of the Department of Labor, Social Affairs, Family and Integration, as well as patients and partners.

With new forms of therapy and continuing education programs for occupational groups from the education and health sector, the refugee outpatient service responds to the increased number of refugees in recent years and the changed individual situation of the refugees.


Open house in the refugee ambulance

27.08.2019 Open house in the refugee ambulance

On tuesday, 27th of August our refugee ambulance on the ground of the UKE opens from 11:00 – 16:00  for everybody interested.

For more than 20 years, we have been offering therapeutic assistance to refugee children and adolescents together with the UKE.

One focus is the treatment of anxiety, sleep disorders and depression, which causes them to suffer from traumatic experiences.

We are looking forward!

For more information:

Location: UKE Martinistraße 52, Building East 44, Children for Tomorrow

20th Anniversary of “Children for Tomorrow!“


In 1998, Stefanie Graf founded her Charity „Children for Tomorrow“. To mark the Jubilee Stefanie visited Hamburg at the end of July to attend a very special event with the National Youth Ballett!

For two weeks during the summer vacation, 18 refugee children from our elementary school-program „HonigHelden!“, had danced, studied choreographies, made music and enthusiastically rehearsed.

On Sunday, 29th July 2018, the show was presented to the public in two performances in Theater Haus im Park in Bergedorf.

During the performance all our children danced on stage together with the ballet dancers of the National Youth Ballett and were also accompanied by live-musicians. It was a very touching performance and we thank the National Youth Ballett very much for the wonderful teamwork!