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We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all our supporters!

Behörde für Arbeit, Soziales, Familie und Integration

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Senator Detlef Scheelehas promised in June 2015 to support the cost for translators in the refugee clinic in the future. „The refugee clinic contributes so much to the mental health of young refugees who have to overcome traumatic experiences.Provided that translators help them to verbalize their traumas.We decided to pay for translators in the future and provide 100.000 Euros annually“, says senator Detlef Scheele. „The senate is confident that in cooperation with Children for Tomorrow the refugee clinic will be able to continue its great work and will help lots of young refugees on their way to a happy future.“

Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung

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Children for Tomorrow and the school authority work together on the unique project „HonigHelden! – Kinder für morgen stark machen“. The project enables traumatized refugee children in the familiar surroundings in their elementary school to receive therapy. „HonigHelden!“ offers stabilization in group settings to psychologically strengthen the children and to prevent future mental illnesses. In individual therapy children are treated intensively and the therapy prevents these children from developing chronic mental illnesses.

In addition, „HonigHelden!“ offers teachers the opportunity to attend a training that focuses on their specific needs. The training is held in close collaboration with the „Institut für Traumatologie“. During the training the teachers learn how to recognise and handle the symptoms of traumatized refugee children in their class. To support the teachers on a regular basis, we also offer them supervison.

Dorit & Alexander Otto Stiftung

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The non-profit charity Dorit & Alexander Otto Stiftung was established at the beginning of 2011. The foundation works in the tradition of the family and its various foundationsn (u.a. Alexander Otto Sportstiftung, Stiftung Lebendige Stadt, Werner Otto Stiftung).

The focus of the foundation is the support of medical research, health care as well as the cultural life in Hamburg. In terms of the hanseatic civil society the foundation aims to support non-bureaucratically in areas that are not supported by public funds.

Since 2017, the Dorit & Alexander Otto Stiftung supports the project „HonigHelden!“ of Children for Tomorrow and makes an essential contribution to the therapeutic treatments of refugee children in elementary schools

Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung

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The non-profit foundation Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung (HRNS) implements hands-on projects to improve working and living conditions of small-scale coffee farming families through enhancing their economic and social development. At the same time, sustainable practices and responsible use of natural resources are promoted together with strategies to adapt to climate change. Gender equality and perspectives of youths receive special attention in the HRNS approach. HRNS was established by Michael R. Neumann and his family as an independent organization in 2005.

Hubertus Wald Stiftung

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The Hubertus Wald Foundation supports medical treatment and research in hospitals as well as cultural and social projects in Hamburg. When Hubertus Wald founded his foundation, he said: “As a businessman, I was lucky to succeed. That’s why I would like to give back.” – Children for Tomorrow now benefits from his sponsoring: the Hubertus Wald Foundation gives a substantial financial contribution for the medical treatment as well as the art-therapy and educational program in our refugee outpatient clinic and sets the grounds for the extension of the largest refugee clinic for refugee children in Germany to date. With the support of the Hubertus Wald Foundation the outpatient clinic is coping with the growing needs for therapy, is reducing the waiting times and guarantees young refugees in Hamburg psychological help.

Lions Clubs International

Social Aid Organisation of the German Lions

“We serve” is the motto of Lions Clubs International (LCI). With more than 1.4 million members, LCI is one of the largest non-governmental organizations worldwide. Helping people to help themselves is the highest goal. Besides social aims, Lions also support cultural projects and promote international understanding, tolerance, humanity and education. In Germany, there are about 52,000 members in over 1,500 clubs committing themselves to the community and people in need. As a professional service provider the official charitable organization, Lions Foundation Germany “Hilfswerk der Deutschen Lions” stands to their side.

The German Lions support the project "HonigHelden!" that cares for therapeutic work with refugee children and their parents in elementary schools in Hamburg and support the equipment of the therapy rooms.


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Since 2008 Longines has been a cherished partner of Stefanie Graf and a considerable supporter of Children for Tomorrow. The legendary Swiss watchmaker has helped raise awareness for our children and the needs of the foundation by highlighting our mission at such events as §Woman Who Make a Difference Awards” and “Roland Garros”. Stefanie Graf and Children for Tomorrow are honored to stand beside and have the support of the Longines family.


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Dedicated to helping disadvantaged children, the office furniture manufacturer LOTOS will be supporting Children for Tomorrow’s new foundation building on the grounds of the University of Hamburg Medical Center. For Robert and Mehrjar Nader, brothers and managing directors of the over 100-year-old family business LOTOS, economic success is closely tied to social responsibility. LOTOS has decided to set a new emphasis by making a generous contribution to Children for Tomorrow’s construction project in Hamburg and has agreed to create an interior design and furnishing concept specifically designed to meet the needs of the young patients and their physicians and therapists, as well as to donate furnishings from their own manufacture.

Union Investment

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Union Investment especially focuses on improving the educational opportunities of children and adolescents with their civic engagement. Mental health is an essential precondition for refugee children for their language acquisition, professional education and integration. The support of Union Investment Real Estate GmbH enables us to run a music-therapy project with young refugees. This new project gives the children a non-verbal opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions and to stabilize and strengthen their mental condition.

Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

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“Children for Tomorrow“ have been running the Outpatient Clinic for Refugee Children and their Families in close cooperation with the University of Hamburg Medical Center (UKE) since 1999. The outpatient clinic treats young refugees of up to 21 years who live in Germany after having had to flee from their countries of origin due to war, persecution and organised crime. One of the main focuses of the outpatient clinic is the psychotherapeutic treatment of post-traumatic disorders and associated symptoms such as anxiety, sleep disorders and depressive symptoms. A team of doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, art therapists, pedagogues and interpreters dedicate their time to support the mental recovery of these children who are not covered by the German network of social care. We are happy to contribute our share to working for peace together with the UKE. We are grateful to the UKE for sharing this responsibility with us.

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