Full house at CfT headquarters in Hamburg

The foundation’s anniversary celebration with Stefanie Graf. On 9 April we celebrated our anniversary together with Stefanie Graf, our employees, our board, therapists, interpreters and patients at the foundation’s headquarters in Hamburg. The key was getting to know each other better and having a chance to chat. This year’s highlight was an exhibition of our patients: They told their own moving stories with their pictures, articles and photos. After our committee talks, we had time for tea with more than 50 patients from our project groups. Stefanie Graf hugely enjoyed chatting to the children and, above all, listening to them. Some adolescents proudly showed her their works and explained which thoughts and feelings they had in their mind while creating the pictures. The highlight for the children was undoubtedly the visit of two actors from the musical Starlight Express. The actors handed over a cheque of 100,000 Euros to ‘Children for Tomorrow’. One year ago, the ensemble started collecting donations for CfT after each show. We would like to thank the whole Starlight Express team and of course all visitors for their support on behalf of our children. Longines PR day with Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi The following day, Stefanie Graf and Andre Agassi and the CfT partner ‘Longines’ welcomed international journalists at our headquarters in Hamburg. Stefanie Graf reported on the refugee children’s destinies and about our work at the outpatient clinic. She was happy to share their latest figures: Throughout the last year, almost 1,000 children took part in the psycho-therapeutic and psychosocial programmes at the foundation’s headquarters. This was the highest number of refugee children ever. She also took the journalists to the photo exhibition of young refugees. Adolescents worked with the topics “Departure and Arrival”, “Peace” and “Between two Worlds” and with this, dealt with their own experiences in their native countries. Stefanie Graf created art collages with another group and encouraged them to talk about their lives in Germany. In the meantime, the journalists had the chance to talk to our doctors to get a better impression of the foundation’s work.

These two days were more than memorable and a successful beginning of the 15-year-anniversary of Children for Tomorrow!

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