Kony 2012

A YouTube film draws global attention to the situation of former child soldiers in Uganda A boy tells how he had to watch his brother being murdered while he served as a child soldier, and how until today he sees no chance of realising his dream of becoming a lawyer. The film ‘Kony 2012’, produced by the organisation ‘Invisible Children’, shows the immense consequences the war in Uganda has on children who lost their childhood in order to kill for the Lord’s Resistance Army. So far, 80 million people have watched the film on YouTube. We would like to use the attention this film attracts worldwide to also draw the focus onto our work since the film illustrates the fate of the children in Gulu who our foundation Children for Tomorrow has been taken care of for the past six years.

We conducted scientific research projects into the needs and the situations of child soldiers in Gulu in 2006 as preparation for our project. Our aim was to offer tailored therapies for child soldiers. Psychiatrists and social workers care for former child soldiers in our outpatient clinic in Gulu – so far this is a unique offer in the war-battered northern part of the country. Our social worker has just started to look after traumatized child soldiers in nearby schools. A social worker costs only 200 Euros per month. We kindly ask you to support us so that we can employ more social workers in order to take care of more children. Please refer in your donations to our foundation’s bank account to the subject ‘Uganda’.

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