Mentor Blog April 2013

Our volunteer interns are happy to share their impressions and experiences about their work with our children and adolescents at ‘Children for Tomorrow’ in this mentor blog: Isabel Zimmer, 25 years old, studies educational sciences and supports our art therapy team. “I started working as a mentor at ‘Children for Tomorrow’ in early February. Since then, I learned a lot about the different programmes for refugees. Lately I supported a photo project with teenage refugees in art therapy. Together we worked on topics such as “Identity”, “Arrival”, “Leaving”, “Homesickness” and “Dreams about the future” by checking out different locations in Hamburg. I was highly impressed by how concentrated and well reflected the adolescents approached the photo project. The results are very personal; for example, there is one photo of an unrecognisable homeless person with the title “Life goes on”. The photographer is a teenager who didn’t have a home and had to sleep on the streets for months during his escape to Germany.

The pieces are now exhibited at the CfT headquarters and we invited the teenager’s supervisors to a small exhibition opening. The refugees proudly explained their artworks and shared details of their personal experiences during their escape and arrival in Germany. The photos had turned into a channel for their own experiences. I truly enjoyed working with the refugees and I am looking forward to starting our “Hamburg-Führer” project which is due this week.”

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