Said’s story

Said arrived in Hamburg nine months ago. He is currently visiting the secondary modern school in Billstedt and wants to start an apprenticeship as car mechanic. Today his life has a perspective. At first Said seems to be a normal young boy - if there weren’t that ten centimeter scar above his right eye that tells us more about his story.

In his home country Somalia it is impossible to learn a craft. The fact that he is thinking about a profession now is the result of a 10.000 kilometer flight through Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya and finally over the ocean to Italy. From there he reached Hamburg. Said doesn’t know how long it took him to escape from Somalia. It was probably a two year journey to get rid of the hands of the bloodhounds of al-Shabaab.

The Harakat al-Shabaab al-Mujahideenal-Shabaab or shortly al-Shabaab is an islamic militant movement in Somalia. Al-Shabaab controls parts of south Somalia and executes on a strict interpretation of the Schari'a. It aims to build an islamic government at the horn of Africa and the participation of the world-wide Dschihad. The organization is on the list of the US Department of Foreign Affairs designated for terroristic organization overseas.

Said and his father were caught by these terrorist and his father was killed by them. Said was able to escape after several months of arrestment. He crossed the border of his home country to get to Ethiopia - by feed and just with the clothes on his body. He made his living with little jobs on the street. After 60 days he reached the border of the Sudan. The toughest part in the Sudan was an approximately 3 week long trip through the Sahara. In the last week Said and his accompanies had no food and only very, very few water. Somehow the young Somali survived and reached Libya, the country with borders to the Mediterranean Sea. But within the next eight months, until he was able to enter the coast, he experienced torture. The habitants of Libya are treating refugees terribly. Said experienced violence and even when he earned some money by hard work he was often forced to give it away.

Finally, Said reached the coast and managed to book a seat on one of these unsafe refugee boats to Italy. Luckily he arrived in Italy and stayed another three months in a packed refugee camp. At the end of 2013, Said came to Hamburg and met the team from “Children for Tomorrow”. He started therapy there to cope and maybe someday leave behind all the traumatic experiences. Thanks to this therapy, his life became at least a little bit normal. If Said will ever have the chance to live his dream and start an apprenticeship as a mechanic is still undecided. One day he will be called to the Aliens Authority and they are going to decide if his future will be in Hamburg.

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