UKE, department of social services and Children for Tomorrow: three strong partners for the refugee clinic!

Senator Detlef Scheele has promised to support the cost for translators in the refugee clinic in the future. „The refugee clinic contributes so much to the mental health of young refugees who have to overcome traumatic experiences.Providedthattranslatorshelpthemtoverbalizetheirtraumas. We decided to pay for translators in the future and provide 100.000 Euros annually“, says senator Detlef Scheele. „The senate is confident that in cooperation with Children for Tomorrow the refugee clinic will be able to continue its great work and will help lots of young refugees on their way to a happy future.“

„We are very happy about the new partnership with the city of Hamburg”, says Stefanie Graf, Founder of Children for Tomorrow. „This support enables us to cover the cost for psychotherapy of the refugee clinic in the future. To expand our services to match the monthly increasing requests we still urgently need more donations.“

Worldwide more than 60 million people are on the run. Half of them are children. The refugee clinic of Children for Tomorrow provides translators for every child and therefore enables the healing of mental traumas. The clinic treats up to 300 underaged children.

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