Zorah is back at school!

A year ago 15-year-old Zorah and her family escaped from the atrocities of the Taliban by fleeing from Afghanistan to Germany. After Zorah arrived in Germany, she hardly dared to leave her room in the home for asylum seekers. After being raped on her way to school by several men in Afghanistan, she was terrified and suffered from panic attacks. There was no way she could leave the house without her parents. School had become a place of terror for her. The mere thought of “school” threw her back into the fear of death when the men attacked her. She started to shiver all over her body and felt suffocated.

Now, after four months of regular psychotherapy at the refugee outpatient clinic in Hamburg, Zorah is able to enter a class room full of strangers on her own. “Despite the fact that it was hard for me, I took a big step forward today,” says Zorah as she tells her therapist about her day and she smiles proudly.

*Name changed 

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