group picture of some children going to the kindergarten

The project was financed by the RTL television (major German broadcasting network) Donation Marathon, and we would like to express our sincere gratitude for their help and dedication to fundraising for the foundation. Construction was scheduled for late 2006, but due to the country’s economic problems, the start was extremely delayed. However, we are happy to report that the first kindergarten in Asmara opened its doors to children in 2008. Project operations are carried out in collaboration with the Eritrean Minstry of Education, as laid out in a cooperation agreement signed in 2006 in Asmara.

children playing with toy blocks

The kindergarten teachers are selected by Children for Tomorrow and the Ministry, and trained by our therapists. Project management and the coordination of activities in the different sites are carried out by the Children for Tomorrow office in Asmara. By building and running this kindergarten, Children for Tomorrow gives children a chance for a healthy development despite the poor living conditions of the slums. Our ‘Inclusive Programs’ reach out to children in emotional distress and provide them with therapeutic support in special therapy rooms, as part of the kindergarten program. We are planning to open further kindergartens in Massawa and Adi Keyh.