Art Therapy

Art Therapy offers refugee children and youth the opportunity to develop their verbal skills by using the therapeutic effect of artistic medium. Therapeutic art activities help to raise self-esteem, strength identity in exile and to process traumatic experiences. In an atmosphere of calm and therapeutic confidentiality, the children are given the opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings, to create trust, to strengthen and stabilize themselves. Classical media of visual art are used, such as painting and drawing to collage-work and modeling with clay. The medium of photography as a creative “guiding tool” enables young people to explore their own identity by a visual media. The outside world is reflected and transformed into an artistic self-expression.

Rateb Sherzay, 18 years, Afghanistan (09.10.13)

In the name of God. I'm very interested in photography, cameras, studios and film. Whenever I'm in the photo-project with Sofie and my friends, I'm happy. It means I'm having a good time and don't feel any pain.

Psychiatric and psycho-therapeutic treatments

The therapeutic treatments in the outpatient clinic are adjusted to the patient's needs, from a low- level medical treatment to intense psycho-therapy. One of the main focuses of the therapeutic work is the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorders. We use different therapeutic approaches from the whole spectrum of behaviour therapy, such as systematic therapy, psychoanalysis and trauma confronting methods (e.g. EMDR)

Training Guidance

Our training guidance seeks to improve the patients school results and to enable them to start a professional career. We are in close contact with their teachers at school and support them if needed. The outpatient clinic also recommends schools to refugees after an in-depth analysis of their individual needs and provides a network for after-school classes. Furthermore, we support the older refugees in finding the right professional path. We have a solid network of companies for internships and - if the legal status of the teenager allows it - we support them in finding a traineeship. In addition, we support the teenagers in their application process. During the first weeks or months of the traineeship, we offer assistance for the trainee and the company.

Psycho-social Treatment

The psycho-social support program provides help for refugees in difficult situations as well as acute psycho-social crises. The range of topics covers difficulty with social authorities, the asylum procedure or other aspects of life. Our socio pedagogues work out appropriate behavioural and solution-aimed strategies for complicated situations - the aim is to enable the adolescents to cope in these moments, make the right decisions and remain able to act. Together we work on a fall-back plan of existing resources and networks of the patient, enhance it and therefore strengthen the methods of sustainable social behaviour.