June 28, 2017 Silvia Bess

Kick-off of the new school project „HonigHelden!“ with Stefanie Graf and Ties Rabe

Stefanie Graf and school senator Ties Rabe started the pilot project “HonigHelden!” in the elementary school Osterbrook (Hamm).

The aim of this unique nationwide project is to give traumatized refugee children in primary school therapy on site. ” It is important that on-site help is provided in the usual enviroment of the children and that therapy is integrated into the school day, “says Stefanie Graf. “Parents and teachers will also be involved follow-up therapies. This is essential for the success of our project, HonigHelden!”

The project will offer stabilization support to all refugee children of the school in special group therapies to prevent mental illness. In individual therapy, children with mental illnesses can be treated intensively in a familiar setting to prevent chronic diseases. Traumatic experiences during war and fight can have long-term consequences especially for young children.

School senator Ties Rabe: „ This joint project is pioneering work that brings togehter the skills of school, ReBBZ and Children for Tomorrow in a succesful way.”