If a traumatic event occurs before the age of 11, the likelihood of developing a Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is increased by a third.
The earlier these children receive treatment, the better their chance of recovery.

Therapeutic support for refugee children in primary schools is uncommon. Beginning in June 2017, CHILDREN FOR TOMORROW started the Project “HonigHelden! (“HoneyHeroes! – Make children strong for Tomorrow”) in cooperation with the school authorities. The project is designed for the special needs of refugee children aged 6 to 10 years old and takes place directly in the primary school. The project is unique in Germany and closes a gap in the ambulatory care system.

Using the school setting to provide therapy is invaluable because it allows direct access to the children in need. Therapies can be carried out in a safe surrounding, a familiar environment, and the whole social network of therapists, teachers and parents can be involved in the therapeutic process.
As a result of our experiences from our monitoring and the evaluation of our project, we will create a new concept for treating refugee children in primary care settings which will be transferable to other schools in Hamburg and Germany.

"We would exceedingly welcome the idea to expand this successful project to other schools"
Ties Rabe, Senator of the Department of School in Hamburg

What we offer

  • Prevention and stabilization interventions for traumatized children within a group setting to avoid the developement of further psychological disorders
  • Early identification of severely ill children
  • Treatment for primary school refugee children in an individual therapy settings who would otherwise not benefit from early treatment within the ambulatory care system
  • Mediation between school staff and refugee families
  • Consultation hours for parents
  • Supervision and further education for teaching staff

Model procedure schools

"…to connect therapy within the daily school routine this project is ground-breaking."
Michaela Peponis, Director of the Department for Regional Education and Consultation Institutions (ReBBZ), Education and Consultation Institution for Diseases
  • Osterbrook primary school
  • Fritz-Köhne primary school

Children, parents aswell as teachers took part in the project since 2017


Months was the childrens average residence time in Germany, when they started participating in Honighelden


Children arrived with atleast one of their parents when they came to Germany

Origin countries, age and sex of patients 2018

  • Average age: 8 years