Children for Tomorrow

Almost half of all refugees are children and young people. They have lived through war in their home country, been exposed to the worst forms of violence while fleeing and, in some cases, also lost their parents or family members. As a consequence, they often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, sleep disorders and nightmares. CHILDREN FOR TOMORROW uses its financial resources to heal these traumas, giving the children access to psychotherapeutic treatment and psychosocial services.

Our operational project:
the HoneyHeroes!
Making children strong for tomorrow

Back in 2017, CHILDREN FOR TOMORROW worked with the State Ministry of Schools and Vocational Training to launch the project ‘HoneyHeroes! Making children strong for tomorrow’. It offers outreach therapy to children with a refugee background at the place where they attend school and is specifically geared towards the needs of refugee children, their parents and their teachers. The project is unique in Germany and closes a gap in the care system.

Our support project:
outpatient centre for refugee children,
adolescents and their families

Over the past 25 years, CHILDREN FOR TOMORROW and the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf have been able to establish the outpatient centre for refugee children, adolescents and their families, a unique service in Germany dedicated to the therapeutic care of refugee families. The multicultural and interdisciplinary team of 16 professionals cares for up to 600 children a year as outpatients. The aim is not just to stabilise the emotional world of refugee children and young people, but also give them a sense of orientation in their country of exile.